Avrstudio 4.12 upgrade JTAG-ICE firmware not working

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I have a JTAG-ICE programmer working with Avrstudio 4.08 build-310,
and working fine.

Know i want to upgrade to Avrstudio 4.12 sp1 Build 462.
When connecting to the JTAG-ICE, i get the message that the firmware on the JTAG-ICE needs to be upgraded.

When confirming the upgrade, i get the following message after a few seconds: No supported board found, Avrprog version 1.40

Actual revision setting for the JTAG-ICE, read with Avrstudio 4.08 are:
Hw: 0xc2 Sw Major: 0x7b Sw minor: 0x00 .. OK

Note: JTAG-ICE is connected to ATMEGA16 Device.