avrdude tpi fuse issue

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using avrdude 6.3 for linux

mcu is attiny4

programmer is AVRISPMKII


Using avrdude 6.3 in linux...

I can clear any of the "configuration byte 0" fuse bits using avrdude, but I cannot set any bits...

example, I can write 0xFE, but then I cannot write 0xFF.

Tried in High Voltage and Normal Voltage programming modes.

Also tried clearing chip first, still no dice.


//this works

sudo avrdude -p attiny4 -c avrispmkII -B 50 -q -q -u -U fuse:w:"0xFE":m


//this does not work, cannot set bits, only clear them, returns mismatch error blah blah "0xFF does not equal 0xFE"

sudo avrdude -p attiny4 -c avrispmkII -B 50 -q -q -u -U fuse:w:"0xFF":m


Using AVRStudio everything works fine, I can clear and set bits.


Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe I am doing something wrong? or maybe a bug in avrdude?

Last Edited: Tue. May 30, 2017 - 07:02 PM