AVRASM2 Beta 6 (Unofficial build)

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The attached file is an unofficial build of the next AVRASM2 beta.
It fixes two rather serious bugs discovered lately:

1. Problem with conditionals: instructions inside a false conditional are sometimes incorrectly emitted.
2. Assembler crashes on some mistyped instructions (like LD R20, SREG, should be LDS R20, SREG)

This file should only be installed if one of the above mentioned bugs cause trouble, otherwise wait for the next official update. These bugs only affect AVRASM2 BETA, users of the official AVRASM 1.76 are not affected.

There are also a few other minor bugfixes in this release.

The attached zip file contains only the executable, avrasm2.exe. This file should be unzipped to C:\Program Files\Atmel\AVR Tools\AvrAssembler (if you installed AVR Studio in a non-default drive/directory replace C:\Program Files\Atmel with your install location).

Roland Kruse
Atmel AVR Tools


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Roland Kruse
Atmel AVR Tools