AVR32 video recorder design

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We did an AVR32UC3A3 video recorder design running up to 3 hours on a single 3V7 370mh LIPO cell.

The system takes 640x480 pixel pictures at 22 frames per second and writes the data through our high speed fat32 library on class 6 sd cards. On higher frame rates class 10 cards must be used. It is possible to write up to 30 frames at 640x480 jpeg stream.
We can record sound at 8Khz 16 bit and run in single picture mode triggered on timer or motion.
We build a file converter application for windows an macto convert our file format to MP4 format. On USB connect the cam switches to mass storage profile for high speed data transfer up to 6Mb/s in read mode.

We want to sell our design to interested clients