AVR32 Studio Helper Programs

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Okay, so I managed to get AVR32 Studio installed and update, I also managed to get the gnu toolchain installed after a fashion ( an attempted compile pointed out some missing includes that I have to track down ). What I really can't figure out is how to get the helper programs ( avr32program and company ) working. I run Gentoo on my laptop so my library versions aren't matching up with what they are trying to load. I'm not willing to transition my primary machine to Ubuntu or Red Hat simply so that I can run one development environment, and attempting to track down all the library issues is going to take forever and lead to other issues ( avr32program is looking for Boost 1.34 and I have another project that requires 1.37 ) so it would require parallel trees in addition to everything else.

So, the question, is there a way to get things installed and running or am I just wasting my time ( in the absence of sources to compile )?

Martin Jay McKee

System: 64-bit ( multilib ) Gentoo Linux, GCC 4.1.2, glibc 2.8, Boost 1.37, etc...

As with most things in engineering, the answer is an unabashed, "It depends."