AVR32 Linux Forum Posting Guidelines

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  1. This is THE forum for discussing and sharing all things related to Linux development on the AVR32 architecture.

  2. This is NOT the forum to discuss mega32 or any other AVR{8} products. Nor is it the forum to discuss other non-AVR32 devices made by Atmel or others.

  3. If you want to discuss native/standalone development, or strictly machine-related issues, please direct that to the "AVR32 General (standalone)" forum.

  4. Discussion of hardware and tools is to be done in the "AVR32 Hardware" forum.

  5. BEHAVE. Read ESR's guidelines for smart-posting by Internet Citizens

  6. For official Atmel AVR32 information, go to its website

  7. For unofficial Linux-specific information on AVR32, check out the AVR32 Linux Forum and: avrfreaks.net/wiki

Your friendly AVR32 Forum administrators,

how / JoFreak
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