AVR Studio 5 - binary programming and connecting to target

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Hi All

I am using AVR Studio 5 and haven't been able to work out how to do the following operations:

1 - load a binary file using "AVR Programming"
In the older environment it was possible to select a binary file and enter an offset (usually 0x80000000) but in AVR Studio 5 it is possible to select binary (although only hex and elf are listed) but not enter an offset - then it can't load becasue it thinks that the code is not for Flash..

Is there a setting that I have missed?

2 - When I have code loaded to Flash on a board and want to debug it I haven't worked out how to stop AVR Studio 5 from erasing and loading the code each time. It is often useful to be able to connect to a board and debug it without going through the download procedure.

Is this possible?