AVR Studio 4.10

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After seeing a couple people mention AVR Studio 4.10, I looked on Atmel's site and could not find it. A google search for "AVR Studio 4.10" turned up a page with atmel's beta software.


Nothing extraordinary as far as I'm concerned, but a new version nonetheless.

The author of the Studio 4.10 release note wrote:
What's new in this release...

Debug platform updates

Please refer to the JTAGICE mk II online help

Please refer to the ICE 50 online help

Programming support updates

Please refer to the STK500 online help

Please refer to the AVRISP online help

New simulator part support




New tools and features

AVR Assembler 2 beta-3 (AVRASM2) with online help. AVRASM1 is still included as the default assembler, but you can easily change it by using the AVR assembler 2 project settings. Please refer to the assembler online help for more details.

ELF/DWARF parser beta-2. Please refer to Object files format and support for more information.



· Added Help buttons to dialog when SPI connection is required to enable JTAG interface.

· New dialog when connecting to debugWIRE: let user retry debugWIRE or use SPI.

· Registers, I/O, Extended I/O, SRAM (not external), EEPROM and Flash memory is cached on PC while in stopped mode for faster memory updates.

· Bugfix: JTAG frequency is set when loading project.

· Removed error message when JTAG frequency field contains illegal value and the users cancels the options dialog.

· Bugfix: Enable/disable daisy chain settings labels when clicking daisy chain checkbox.

· Bugfix: Preserve EEPROM option no longer checked for debugWIRE parts.

· Added support for ATmega88, ATmega165 and the AT90CAN128 plugin

· Bugfix: Writing > 256 bytes of EEPROM and other memory types now work.

· Bugfix: Preserve EEPROM option no longer turned off after using STK500 dialog.

· Bugfix: Using the STK500 dialog for bootloader projects now work.

· Added command line tool jtagiceii.exe


· Fast PWM (WGM 14) on ATmega128 would count to ICR+1 then stop.

· Timer0 on ATtiny13, ATtiny2313, ATmega48/88/168

-prescaler fixed.

-Overflow interrupts fixed.

· Fixed bug in external interrupt settings for m48,m88 and m168

· Fixed pin change interrupt setting for ATtiny13

Other fixes:

·COFF parser fix. Large object files with many symbols could cause wrong initialization..

· ICE50 trace bug fixed

· IO view scrolling in the AVR Studio GUI is improved


·New and improved installation procedure. We recommend all users to un-install any old versions of AVR Studio 4 before installing this new version.

·New USB WinDriver upgrade from ver 6.03 to ver 6.21. This may fix stability problems on certain OS/HW setups.

/* John Butera */

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hmmm... I wonder if they managed to fix my problem with the ICE200, no mention of that there. I think I'll wait a little untill I start to use the newer version :(

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