AVR, Prologix GPIB, PSOC, optics things for free/sale (USA only)

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Hi - I am looking to get rid of various bits of electronics.


see here for images.


First off - an AVR Wear T-shirt. I got it for free here many years ago, but after a wash or two it shrunk beyond what I could wear. It's labeled as a medium but I would call it a men's small or extra small. Free!


Next - an AT90USBKEY. $10 + shipping.


Next - two Prologix GPIB adapters - one USB, one Ethernet. I don't know how to test these. I think there is a decent chance that one or both are very early versions of these designs, if not prototypes. I connected the USB one to a computer a while ago and was able to update the firmware on it using software downloaded from the Prologix website, but ran out of time and interest after that. $50 for both + shipping. Note that I'm pricing this low as I'm offering no guarantees of anything with them... I just don't have time to deal with it.


Next - some fiber diodes of some sort? Dunno, don't need them. Free!


Finally - some PSOC adapter board of some sort. No idea what it is, looks like it cost a ton when it was new. Super fancy. Free!


For free things - I will give you my address and you can e-mail or mail me a shipping label. For not free things - you can do the same or I can just add the actual cost of shipping + paypal fees onto what you pay me. Paypal only. For free things I will give preference to established members of the community :)

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