ATWINC1500 P2P Mode "Invite multiple ATWINC1500 modules in one group"

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Dear All,

I am trying to connect multiple ATWINC1500 Module to one Tablet over the Wifi direct/Wifi P2P mode.
The Tablet acts as group owner and invite the ATWINC1500 Modules

The P2P Discovery Request works fine and the Tablet finds all ATWINC1500 Modules.
Also the negotiation request with the first module works and it is possible to connect the first ATWINC1500 Module with the Tablet. The Tablet acts as group owner.

The next step is to invite a second ATWINC1500 Module. For that the Tablet sends a Invitation Request to the second ATWINC1500 Module, but there is no reaction from the Module.
The callback function "static void wifi_cb(uint8_t u8MsgType, void *pvMsg)" is never called when sending a Invitation Request

Supports the ATWINC1500 Invitation Requests?
Why is the callback function "wifi_cb" called by an negotiation request but not by an invitation message?

Thank you very much for your help!

Kind Regards