ATTiny15L and CCD Line Array

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maybe you have some ideas for this project: I'm using an ATTiny15L to Interface a TSL1401 128x1 Linear Sensor Array woth HOLD. To interface that CCD Line Array the ATTiny has to gernarate two signals SI and CLK.
If SI goes high the CCD Starts to convert Pixel 0 and shifts its value out on CLK going high. On the next CLK impulse the next pixel information is shifted out (as analog values). The time between SI goes high each time is almost the integration time of the CCD.

The problem:
Generating the Signals and reading the analog values with the ADC is not my poblem. But i have a problem storing the data anywhere.
Generating the signals and performing the adc conversation results in a integration time of ~ 2.5ms.

If i add EEProm write Functions this time would be about 2.5ms + 64*5ms = 322ms --> That's tooo much

So i thought about adding a serial interface:
Taking 19200 bits/sec and 8 data bits + 1 stop + start + parity would get a time of 570us for each bit. 570us * 128 + 2.5ms ~ 75ms --> This would work for not to intensive light sources, but for general use it's too much.

Have you guy's any ideas what i could do? Yes changing to an faster AVR with enough RAM would be a solution. But the interface should be small and cheap.

Hava a look at my web page ->