ATTiny10 qtouch single key config tool QTADC problem

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I'm just trying to make single key proximity sensor from attiny10. I tried to user atmel single key config tool from Qtouch libraries 5.0 where is available Attiny configurator v. . So far QTBurst is working, but I need QTADC for proximity sensing. anyway QTADC is not working, no charging pulses are presend on sense pin of attiny and no overal functionality is there. MCU is just like dead.


App note recommends to disable reset pin as it is used as input, but for tests I leaved it as reset to be able to reprogram MCU. Anyway when tried to disable reset on one attiny there was no change. (I have no idea what is purpose of this pin, only from dedicated devices for touch I can read what mode/sync is used to, but app note for single key config have no word about it).


Have anyone some experiences with this utility using QTADC?