ATSAME53 lwIP Netconn API Connection Drop Detection

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Hi, guys. I have using Netconn API on my system. I want to work as server mode. I downloaded and examined netconn server examples and I set up my system. I connect to my device with Hercules TCP Client section. First section is that i connect to my device, send to message and receive message then system is closed. This section to let me send to a message and receive. Second option is that i connect to my device, send message and receive over and over again. but when i pressed disconnect button so i can not to connect my device again. Because device has waiting in receive function. I want to detect connection drop in receive function. how can i solve this problem, can you help me?


a little inattention. SOLVED.

Last Edited: Fri. Aug 23, 2019 - 08:28 AM