ATSAMB11-ZR and JLinkARM.dll

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We are developing a PCB for a project and we have some questions/doubts.


We need to program the chip called ATSAMB11-ZR and we have a J-LINK EDU. We have found that it doesn't have official suport from Segger, but we have seen that in Atmel Studio 7 there are some files in C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Atmel\Studio\7.0\packs\atmel\SAMB11_DFP\2.2.181\tools, where exists a file called JLinkARM.dll. We would like to know, if with these tools, would be possible to program the ATSAMB11 that we have.


We would be really grateful if we receive some answer that could let us go forward.


Thank you very much!



Last Edited: Wed. Jun 13, 2018 - 09:23 AM