ATSAMB11 wake up sleep time

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I want to know which is the shortest possible time for sleeping and waking from the SAMB11 microcontroller with BLE, I will see I am using a low power ADC at 80 sps with a pin indicating that the conversion is ready, this pin connected to a micro interrupt. Of course I'm using, SAM B11 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit.

In the DATA VISUALIZER, between each sleeping and awakening take approximately 7ms. In the ATMEL page specifies that the SMART are designed to wake up quickly, in 8 clock cycles they say, that is less than half a millisecond. The readings of the ADC are done by means of SPI communication, and the readings last less than 1ms, I'm sure of it, then, why do you stay awake 6ms more? How slow is it to go back to sleep? Can I reduce This time ?, or that I am wrong ?, or simply this is so by default?, These times greatly affect the current consumption of my circuit.

In figure 1 I show the time of the interruption of the ADC.

In figure 2 I show the time of sleeping and wake up between each event of connection of the Buetooth, is equal 7ms approximate.

Anyone who knows about the problem I pose ?, Any similar experience ?, I would greatly appreciate your help and comments.

Last Edited: Fri. May 12, 2017 - 05:29 PM