ATSAM4LS4A ERROR:Failed to write segment at 0x0 to target for memorytype base

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First of all, I am a Korean student and I am not good at English, so even if the translation is weird, let's move on.

I brought ATSAM4LS4A and connected it as follows


Oh, and please ignore that oscillator He's using an internal oscillator anyway. Maybe? I didn't touch the fuse beat


And I tried programming after building without code in atmel studio, and the following error occurred



(Erasing device failed)


If I skip the erasing step and try,


(Failed to write segment at 0x0 targert for memorytype base)


I can read fuse bits and HEX files in flash memory, but I can't write fuse and HEX


(WriteRegister() failed to write at 800004)


How do we solve these errors?

And is this error caused by not properly understanding the data sheet?




Last Edited: Wed. May 11, 2022 - 12:19 AM