atprogram fails after upgrade to Atmel Studio 7

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I have an old project, originally AVR32 Studio. Then ported to AS6.

Now I have a new PC, and installed AS 7. After lots of trouble, it is now compiling and debugging.


But I have problems using the atprogram.exe:


It fails when I want to program the DFU bootloader with the following error:


"An error occurred executing a command (program):

More than one segment found in file. Expected only one."


If I use the new atprogram.exe from the AS7 installation, it also fails, but with this error:

"Firmware check OK

Programming and verificatio completed succesfully.

Adress 0x1fffc2824L is outside of maxaddress 0x100000000L for fuses

[ERROR] An unexpected error occurred when executing.

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "atmel\", line 50, in run



During the years, I have been forced to upgrade to new IDE version a couple of times, and it is ALWAYS extremely troublesome...


I hope someone can give me a hint of why my atprogram fails.