Atmel Studio 7 does not recognize SAMD20 Explained board

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I installed Atmel Studio 7.0.2397 on two PCs. On one PC, everything works as expected: I connect a SAMD20 Explained Pro board, Atmel Studio immediately recognizes it, opens a new tab, and allows me to start a new project with the board. Thus, I know the board is good. On the other PC, Atmel Studio 7 does nothing when I attached the board, and I can't program the board because there is no programming tool recognized:



During the installation, I installed all options. I made sure all packs are installed. In Device Manager, the EDBG Data Gateway shows up under Microchip Tools when the board is attached. I uninstalled and reinstalled Atmel Studio twice.


I don't know what is different between the PC that can program the board and the PC that can't. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get Atmel Studio to recognize the board so that I can program it?