Atmel studio 7 debugger does not work if I2C slow clock is 32KHz

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I'm using Atmel Studio 7. I have a board that uses SAMD20 and I'm trying to configure I2C on Sercom4. According to SAMD20 datasheet, section (see below), we should use a 32KHz oscillator for I2C timeouts. But when I do this, the debugger in Atmel studio stops working.

Is there any workaround for this?

thanks for your help

The I 2 C includes three hardware SCL low time-outs which allow a time-out to occur for SMBus SCL low
time-out, master extend time-out, and slave extend time-out. This allows for SMBus functionality These
time-outs are driven by the GCLK_SERCOM_SLOW clock. The GCLK_SERCOM_SLOW clock is used to
accurately time the time-out and must be configured to use a 32KHz oscillator.