Atmel studio 7 (AS7) strange thing...

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Ok, found that I forgot to backup one important register by looking in ASM.  My fault.





Hi all.

Recently, I updated to AS7.  I don't know if I'm the only one to have strange bugs with it.  In a debug session with Dragon OR Jtag Ice, (I presume any ICD's), When I set a value to 0, it not set it to the right value.  But it depend on...  I don't know...  Just check the video and let me know if you had any bug like this.  I had also other strange bug like not able to read or set a value in an array (I.E: ArrayTest[0]=45;   do not set the value at all).


I'm using an Atmega 168 in Debug Wire session.


Here the video, check the watch variable at the bottom changing to a random value.





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