Atmel Studio 7: Arduino IDE sketch Import of DxCore Project

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I have an AVR128DA28 custom board. Having a devil of a time getting I2C to work. I also want a stable, turnkey platform that abstracts the low level device stuff away as much as possible. You can't beat Arduino IDE for simplicity, but my project is not small and it's in C already, ported over from PIC. 


So I hit on the idea of installing the Arduino IDE, adding DxCore (easy), creating a sketch with it (just copied the master i2c write example) then creating a new Atmel Studio 7 project by importing the sketch.


Once I tell it where the Arduino IDE is it then gives a dialog box with dropdowns for board and chip. Issue is, the only boards recognized are the standard Arduino boards that come with the IDE. The DxCore boards don't show up.


Does anyone know how to either trick Atmel Studio 7 into recognizing DxCore or else changing where it looks for cores/boards so that all I can see is DxCore?


Thanks in advance for any help.




Last Edited: Thu. Jan 28, 2021 - 02:43 AM