atmel-mci SDIO driver for wifi doesn't work with 'non-removable', only with polling CMD7

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Hi all, I'm using a wifi module from U-blox, LILY-W131 and connecting it directly to the SDIO port B on the AT91SAM9260 custom PCB, without any card detect pin.

So I configure the device tree with 'non-removable' option. Like this:


            mmc0: mmc@fffa8000 {


                slot@1 {
                    reg = <1>;
                    bus-width = <4>;


The wifi driver boots up.

But when starting connecting to a ssid the sdio communications times-out soon before any connection is established. I can see a couple of CMD53 commands are sent in the logs before it hangs:


mmc1: starting CMD53 arg 92000100 flags 000001b5
[  562.882812] mmc1:     blksz 256 blocks 1 flags 00000100 tsac 1000 ms nsac 0




But when I remove the 'non-removable'  option it works, but the atmel-mci driver is polling with commands CMD7, and wifi throughput performance is quite low.


I have found an old post with trouble that seems similar to mine:


Anyone who recognizance this kind of Atmel SDIO problem ?


Regards Matteus Sjögren