Atmel ICE UC3C2256C JTAG ID device ERROR

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So i have 5 prototypes PCB custom made that i already programmed and debugged one or two months ago. I've already used the chips. But yesterday while trying to connect to them get following error.


Severity:        ERROR
ComponentId:    20100
StatusCode:    131101
ModuleName:    TCF (TCF command: Device:startSession failed.)

Unexpected JTAG ID 0x00000000 (expected 0x0200903f).


I am using JTAG as you can see, i did not modify pcb the voltages are ok, and the chip is working but i cant re-program them. 

 I tried Several Clock Speed from 7.5 Mhz down to 125 khz, I ve checked all those TCK speeds with scope. But this is not working.


The issue started with one pcb which had one uC blown and then now all pcbs wont read device ID, I am guessing broken Atmel ICE?.


As a contrast data, The Atmel ICe works ok in ISP for Atmega48, with the same connector, also all electrical connections in connector are OK.


Any Tips?