Atmel ICE debugger/programmer, how flash a good bootloader

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Hi all,


I'm busy for several days to get a good bootloader in my Atmel ICE.

My ICE was dead (no red LED anymore light when powering up)


I'm pretty sure the MCU is a AT32UC3A4256(J) on the ICE board.


I could manage with a good Atmel ICE to flash via JTAG (10p header (inside) a isp-1.1.4.bin (bootloader)FILE on the ICE board the MCU with good result, but I think the bootloader isn't the right one or the fuses/userpages arent good, because there is still no reaction on the USB port (LED's going on again !)


I tried with another good ICE to read the contents of a good ICE but the security bit is SET.


Any sughgestions ? 


Once the right bootloader is flashed I was hoping to do the FW update/flash via USB in AS7.


KR, Gerrit

Last Edited: Sat. Dec 25, 2021 - 09:10 PM