Atmel Data Visualizer – detailed info

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I’m very interested in new Atmel Data Visualizer – after initial problems with expired certificate for that package, Atmel finally released version which seamlessly installed as Atmel Studio extension. Now I’m reading Atmel documentation about this extension, but it’s very poor. I mean, it lacks a lot of information. Let say, I can prepare configuration script for ADV, and send and visualize data. But ADV has a capability of adding an interactive widgets, and it seems that after pressing for example button, or slider ADV can send back to MCU some information about current widget state. Unfortunately this behavior is completely undocumented. Do you know any information or examples how to use ADV, describing how to receive data from ADV?

And do you know if I can send configuration from MCU directly to ADV (like it was in old ADV version)? I can prepare config files on PC, but it will be nice if MCU can send config info to ADV too.