Atmel AVR1605: XMEGA Boot Loader for Atxmega256C3

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I have downloaded AVR1605: XMEGA Boot loader source code and PC application tool. I want to use this for Atxmega256C3 but looking at application note AVR1605 it seems this does not support ATxmega256C3. Is it possible to update this source for ATxmega256C3? if yes, what all things other then source code (.c and .h) files i need to modify? (makefiles, etc).

Looking at makefile for ATXmega256D3, i found following in its linker configuration:

LINKER_FLAGS += -Wl,--script=./../../linkerScr/avrxmega256A3.ld

I do not see avrxmega256D3.ld or avrxmega256C3.ld files in linkerScr folder for ATxmega256d3 or ATxmega256c3 MCUs. If i make my project with this same file ( then will it work?