ATmega644 + Xilinx XPLA3 CPLD Programming

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I am currently revisiting a design which consists of a mega644 and a load of hard wired logic, wishing to reduce its component count among other things.

To achieve this I am looking at pushing all the logic into a Xilinx XPLA3 CPLD and chaining it and the AVR's JTAG interfaces for programming purposes.

For my ARM-based designs, I use OpenOCD + Olimex ARM-USB-OCD JTAG interface for debugging and programming. I use OpenOCD because all my development is done on Linux systems and because I can script JTAG operations in TCL and integrate them into my Makefiles. It would be nice if I can use this setup with an AVR+CPLD.

I am wondering if anyone has ever managed to use OpenOCD to program an 8-bit AVR (I don't need debug) and in particular, chained to a CPLD? Maybe there are other more suitable tools you could recommend (although I'm only really interested in command-line tools that'll run on Linux).

Atmel's avrsvf runs in Linux using Wine and OpenOCD can 'play' SVF files, so maybe that would work?

I did do a forum search before posting this by the way, but the results were full of noise concerning ARMs and AVR32s, none of which are relevant.