ATmega48 and JTAGICEmkII connect error

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I'm trying use debugWire on an ATmega48 part but I'm getting an error message

Target part (0x7800) is not supported

Using AVRStudio 4.12 SP1 build 412 with an ATmega48-20AI 0452A.
The JTAGICE mkII is programmed with the firmware for that version of AVRStudio.

Reset is pulled to VCC with a 10k resistor. VCC is +3 V.

The error happens with both the squid cable and using only VCC, GND and reset pins connected.

The Debug Wire Enable (DWEN) is getting programmed when entering a debug session and that is where the error message pops up.

I'm able to get out of debug wire mode using

jtagiceii -d ATmega48 -W
command and then use the AVRISP to unprogrammed the DWEN fuse.