ATmega329P and 2-digit segment LCD

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Currently I have a project where I use ATmega328P-AU with additional LCD driver HT1621. This works great, but I want to have one MCU with LCD driver built it, so I think about ATmega329P-AU.


My LCD is 1/3 bias, 1/4 duty segment LCD and from ATmega329P datasheet I can see that this LCD is supported.


Now, I have two questions:


1) can I use external 16 MHz crystal for ATmega329P and will LCD work with this configuration? If yes, then what should I configure? I know that 32.768 kHz crystal is mentioned, but what about 16 MHz?


2) has anyone done some similar projects that involve some generic 4-common segment LCD? I tried to understand AVRButterfly/STK502 examples, but I'm an absolute beginner at C programming yet (I'm learning a lot) to know how to adapt that code to my LCD :/