ATEML Studio 6.1 Windows 8 Debug Problem

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I have the following issue. I have three Notebooks where Windows 8 (x64)runs on.
After installing Atmel Studio 6.1 (2562) the JTAGICE3 and the JTAGICE MKII are working only on one of those 3 different Notebooks!
I can see the debugger under "View - Available Atmel Tools" but if I want to check if an upgrade is available it says: "An unknown error occured while communicating with the selected tool"
If you want to start a simple "Device Programmig" Session with the tool it says: "Unable to connect to tool".
In the output window it says on each approach: "Null pointer"
It ssems like there is something wrong with USB drivers?
Please help, we have tried almost everything including installing again, uninstalling USB drivers, reinstall them (downloaded from Atmel) .... hours and hours.
We have several debuggers MKII and JTAGICE3 and all of them are with the latest firmware running on PCs where AS 6.1 runs on, but not on these 2 Laptops!