ATECC108a - Private Key Generation

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I am using the ATECC108a on an Arduino Uno with the Crypto Auth Library. 

What is the correct method of of generating a private-public key pair and using it to sign a message digest?

The steps I used are-

1. Wakeup

2. GenKey command in Private mode

3. Random Seed Update

4. Create Message Digest Using sha256 function

5. Nonce command to pass the Message Digest

6. Use sign command with the same Key ID as that of the private key in GenKey command

7. Verify command where I pass the output parameter of the GenKey command along with the output parameter of the sign command. The message digest is passed to the chip using the nonce command.


1. The verification command fails in this sequence. All other commands are successfully executed.

2. I am not sure if the Sign command is using the private key generated by the GenKey command. I would want it to do so.

3. What is the work of the Random seed update?


Any information on the usage of this chip would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Last Edited: Wed. Jun 14, 2017 - 09:11 AM