ATAVRMC200 - Motor Control Kit

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Anybody have an ATAVRMC200? I ask you because I am trying to buil an ACIM inverter using this kit as hardware base. However I have some difficults in the switch mode power supply circuit.
The kit uses an IRS2153 half-bridge MOSFET driver (the high MOSFET only) to generate the +15Vdc for the IPM (integrated power module) and also to generate +5Vdc for the AT90PWM3 through the obliquitus 7805. However it approach is not familiar to me.
Well, I did build a little prototype of this circuit to test it before anything, but I have no success because the first temtative burn the MOSFET when my external DC power source was at 100V.
By the way, I did not use the AC-DC base circuit, I supply directly DC through an external PSU to simulate a battery pack of 20 VSLA of 12V (so +240Vdc).
My second prototype seems work, at least partially, because I change some components values. But the output shows 9,2V maximum when I supply the DC bus with 125V (I didn't try more voltage because I am affraid that smokes all my bench :lol: ). However I think that at 240Vdc I reach something about 13Vdc, 14Vdc may be.
OK, my question is... Anybody already did try something like this? (I mean, build the SMPSU circuit like ATAVRMC200 has, to use to supply power to the IPM and to the AT90PWM3).
Thank you in advance.

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