AT91SAM9x35 customization Error

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   Need help to come out from my issue.Here we are using AT91SAM9x35 custom board.In our custom board we are using lpddr sdram(MT46H32M16LFHF) and serial flash only 
instead of which connected in sam9x35-ek.Here iwant know that how to customize SAM-BA v2.16 as per my Custom board.I mean where and what modification 
should be done in what files. Thanks In Advance.

     Following error getting while executing  Enable Serialflash (SPI0 CS0) Script on SAM-BA v?2.16.


On script Console:

loading history file ... 0 events added
SAM-BA console display active (Tcl8.5.9 / Tk8.5.9)
(sam-ba_2.16) 1 % 
(sam-ba_2.16) 1 % SERIALFLASH::EraseAll
-I- Erasing one block at address 0x0
(sam-ba_2.16) 1 %             

   after that GUI Display is coming like:
Time Out:
The applet did not return
        check the connection and reconnect target device  

after clicking ok on GUI,On script console below message appears:

E- Script error: Applet Init command has not been launched (-E- Timeout: The applet did not return. 
Please check the connection and reconnect the target device.)


  In Our Custom Board: 
1)Serial flash Connected as EVM Board
2)Our Ext Memory is LPDDR SDRAM(MT46H32M16LFHF) and EVM Board's DDR2 SDRAM(MT47H64M16HR)
   So shall we do any modification on Board parameters,if please let me know what changes.


Thanks & Regards,

Vijay Patil


Last Edited: Fri. Oct 13, 2017 - 02:38 PM