AT90CAN128 & ISO1050 Transceivers

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I currently have a project where I am using the AT90CAN128 with a ISO1050 transceiver attempting to receive a specific message from a battery that has CAN communication integrated with it. I have the different sides of the transceiver powered separately. I have connected the grounds of both sides of the transceiver, the ground of the AT90CAN128, and the CAN ground coming from the battery together. I have attached the the CAN differential signals coming from the battery to the correct pins on the transceiver, and its single-ended Rx pin is mimicking the signal correctly, as we have seen on an oscilloscope. I have 120 ohm terminations in the cable coming from the battery and at the end of the bus near our AT90.

However, the At90 does not seem to pick up the message. I are using the CAN driver listed at this link: .

I have made the appropriate changes to pick up CAN2.0B (29-bit id) messages, and I have changed the timing registers to meet our crystal oscillator. 


Has anyone ran into this problem before?

Are there any glaringly obvious issues that I have overlooked?

I am more than willing to provide more information where needed.