AT32UC3C AD Converter

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The AT32UC3C0512C seems to have an unusual AD converter.


I am wondering how to do simple 0-ref V conversions on each channel?


In the manual I read:

The ADC is fully differential. To perform single ended measures, the user can perform pseudo
unipolar conversions by connecting ground onto the negative input

What does that mean? Does it mean I have to read any 2 channels one connected to 0V and calculate the difference?



Are these the only references available: Where is 0V and VDDANA?

1V internal voltage reference
• 0.6*VDDANA internal voltage reference
• Two external reference voltage (ADCREF0 or ADCREF1 over chip analog ground)


Also what are pins ADCREFP and ADCREFN are they only decoupling or based on this comment:

It is also possible to force a differential reference by setting the CFG.EXREF bit. This will bypass
the CFG.RS selection setting and make the ADC use the differential ADCREFP/ADCREFN pin
pair voltage as reference

Can I set these to 0V and VDDANA​ to define my references?


Last Edited: Fri. Jan 6, 2017 - 12:42 AM