AT32UC3B0512 Query

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Hello everyone, i have query regarding datasheet ambiguity. Let me explain my understanding, I have a datasheet for AT32UCBX512 mcu's, Data sheet summary says i can use SSC (It I2S interface for audio) when i am using AT32UC3B0512 package of microcontroller.  As you can see in snip1 attached, But SSC is not available for AT32UC3B1512.. But when i go Pins muxing it says AT32UCBX512 supports D function, and if you take a look at D function in snip2 attached, it contains SSC pins muxed for functionality.


Please help me understand , either package summary is wrong or the pin muxing valid only for AT32UCB0512 which doesn't look the case to bcoz it says AT32UCbx512, which X can be 0 or 1