ASF 3 and FreeRTOS 9 on SAM4E

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We are currently using ASF 3.35 and FreeRTOS 7.3.0 on a SAM4E.

It all compiles and runs fine but I note that FreeRTOS is up to v9.0 and I would like to upgrade to take advantage of some of the more recent features (Event Groups & Task Notifications)


1. How do I get in contact with Atmel to ask when/if they have plans to integrate more recent versions of FreeRTOS into ASF

2. Does anyone know of any ASF (v3/V4) release that contains a FreeRTOS v9 port of the SAM4E.

3. I noticed that there is ASF support for FreeRTOS 8.2.3 for a SAME70. I am ARM/SAM noobie - does anyone have advice as to how a SAM4E compares to a SAME70?

(ie. Would I be able to take the SAME70 code?)

3. Can anyone provide advice/help in porting the FreeRTOSv9 to the SAM4E?


I did a quick diff between v7.3.0 and v9.0.0 and, as can be imagined, the differences are extensive! Not really looking to need to port to v9.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.



Ivan Vernot