AS7 Watch Window Acting Funny...Solved by Unchecking GDB Box

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I started using AS7 about 2 months ago and never noticed anything odd.  I saw that ASF had notched up by 0.0.1 to 3.34.2, so I installed it.  From that point on I could not shutdown AS7.  Each attempt ended with an error dialog with no button to shutdown [Edit: apologies, I didn't capture the message, I would have if the problem persisted].  I shut it down through Device Manager, and then ran the Repair option from the Control Panel.  That got rid of the shutdown issue, but my Watch Window began behaving odd.  While structures were correct, values of some data structures were not displaying, while others appeared normal.  In addition, changes to data structures were not being exposed in the Watch windows until I did a complete rebuild, or shutdown of AS7 and restart.  So I uninstalled AS7, deleted the user directories, updated Windows, reinstalled from the web, but no help.  So then I began eliminating anonymous structs and unions ... no help.  I eventually poured through the posts here and found mention of a similar problem solved by unchecking the GDB box in the project properties Advanced tab.  Thankfully it worked, and I apologize that I could not reference that exact post.  I checked over my 6.2 projects and found that the GDB box is checked on those.  I'm not looking for any urgent answers,  but if someone has a similar problem, this might help.

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Last Edited: Fri. Aug 4, 2017 - 02:24 PM