AS7 Debugging Error with SAM D21 - "Failed to set-up tool (no context id returned)"

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Hi all


I am using an SAM D21 Xplained Pro kit with the TWINC1500/I/O1 extension modules. I have the latest version of Atmel Studio 7 and have managed to update the firmware on the TWINC1500 through the serial interface using a .bat file.

My virtual com port and the drivers all seem to by working as intended.


AS7 sees both boards and detects the kit no problem. I can download some project example code and get the TWINC1500 fired up. Using the terminal window I downloaded to AS7, I can see messages that it's working too. (Note the terminal program disconnects after the debugging session is stopped)


However, when I go to download and debug my code the second time, I get the following errors:



[ERROR] Failed to create the connection com.atmel.avrdbg.connection.cmsis-dap with the given props., ModuleName: TCF (TCF command: Tool:setupTool failed.)


[ERROR] Failed to set-up tool (no context id returned).



I can get the projects to work occasionally but have to faff around a bit with no real solution.

Swapping projects helped at one point as did initialising the "Data Visualizer" feature.This seems to be the most reliable for some reason.

What I am currently doing is restarting and rebuilding the solution and unplugging/plugging in the kit. I forsee this procedure getting old pretty fast.


I suspect there is another resource tying up the serial debugging on the Xplained kit but am unfamiliar with the EDBG system. Can anyone point as to why I cannot connect again and what might by tying up that communication line?




Last Edited: Fri. Aug 26, 2016 - 12:35 PM