AS6.1SP2 fresh install - no extensions installed ?

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I did a fresh install for AS6.1SP2 and afterwards installed several extensions, such as :

Atmel Gallery
Xfeatures beta
Atmel kits
Doxygen Integrator

I also wonder that AVR8GCC is available for download but not marked as installed.

1. the above list Comes from the "Available Downloads"
If I Change to the "Installed Extensions"-tab, there is nothing listed. Is that correct ?

2. Compiling an existing Project again, I get 3 error Messages.

2 items say "1643: unknown Register 'r0' in asm
double-clicking in the message sets the Cursor to a line "wdt_enable(WDTO_120ms)"

the third one says "830: illegal character Encoding in string literal".
I guess, the complaint is about a PSTR construction.

All has been working before with AS6.

Otherwise the build process itself seems to finish with success.

What can I do ?

I program like a man:
COPY CON: > firmware.hex