AS6: most of CAN MOBs missing in IO View

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AS6 IO View shows only 1 out of 16 MOBs(to be exact: MOBCTRL, MOBSCR + MOBSR registers exist for every MOB, but are only shown for MOB0).

As a workaround i patched the xml file for the UC3C0512 i'm using(AT32UC3C-EK), see attached file. Maybe this helps someone.

Please note:
I did this patch only for CAN channel0.

I'm pretty sure this problem exists with other AVR32 devices as well, but i have not checked myself.

It would be nice if ATmel could fix this for the next release.

(I wonder what Atmel QA is doing, not even checking the software against the datasheets :shock: . But i won't complain, it's free :D )


Sorry, attaching xml files is not allowed :shock: :?:

You find the file here:
c:\Programme\Atmel\Atmel Studio 6.0\devices\AT32UC3C0512C.xml
Look for this entry, then a bit further for MOBCTRL


Replace the existing MOBCTR, MOBSCR, MOBSR with:


... and so on til MOB15