Arduino Due / ATSAM3X8EA + net shield W5500 KeyEStudio - Power Trouble

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good day!

Arduino-Due has an input DC-DC pulse converter by 5V (Input to 5V), then a linear stub is on 3.3V, power to kernel ATSAM3X8EA

Net-Schild also has stabs at 5-> 3.3V

When connecting shild and Arduino, 5V, 3B and GND are connected  (This is a note)

separately, when applying, both devices work normally 3.3V

If the net-shield is connected to the Arduino-Due, the Linear converter gives 5V (instead of 3.3V) directly on the kernel

There was no time to understand, the old oscilloscope showed only a small "noise" (remnants from a large storm)

Fact confirmed: 3 burnt arduino-due (it's not me, everyone did it before me :o)


I hope the community will come in handy


###!!! UPDATE !!!###


a short circuit of 5 to 3 volts goes in two directions:

1. ISP-pin +power         (net-module +5, arduino-due +3)
2. AREF-pin, connect to Power bus (net-module +5, arduino-due +3)


solution / refinement of the NET module:

ISP-pin - desold/feed/off pin
AREF-pin   - turn off
+3.3-pin   - turn off


after mod:
- power - good
- net module is init  & set ip-adress



if I'm wrong, correct this and do not criticize :o)

Last Edited: Sun. Apr 10, 2022 - 11:37 PM