[Announcement] - Project AVR J1850 VPW to RS232 Interface

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Just want to announce a new AVR project:

The AVR J1850 VPW interface is designed as open source replacement for an existing J1850 VPW interface IC. Since this IC is a commercial product it’s not possible to get the source code for the base uC. People have to work with the limited capabilities of this IC.
The main reason why I have designed my own interface was to get full control over the interface and the uC itself. Also with open source, people can add any feature they need within limits of the used controller.
My interface is build around Atmel AVR mega8 controller, my favourite “workhorse”. The controller is available also in DIP package for all who not want to build with SMD components.
With 8k flash memory we have plenty of space for all kind of features. The basic source code which supports all functions uses 3k code space.
The external circuit around the AVRmega8 is based also on an existing schematic. I just added an MAX232 for RS232 level converting.

Details on my page

After recovering from the "hack" the user projects sections seems to be buggy too, like some other sections of AVRfreaks. :(
I will add this project to the academy as soon as it works again.