Analyzing and Tuning Touch Parameters of SAMC20 based Project.

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Hello! Everyone,

I am trying to tune the QTouch parameters and for that i am using the Xplained pro board based on SAMD21.

I generated touch.c and touch.h files from Atmel Studio 7.0 with the help of QComposer Studio and then integrated them in my IAR project with Debugging enabled.

After lots of problem i am able to build my IAR project and, finally i am able to see touch data on Atmel Studio QAnalyser, but this is very slow.

I am using i3 PC with 4GB RAM, but the speed is too slow, and i don't think so, i will be able to analyze anything like that.

So i thought, just for tuning purpose let's make a separate project in Atmel Studio, so i did that but QAnalyzer is not able to establish connection with the SAD21 kit using for Analysing QTouch data.

The touch is working, it's sensitive at some places that's why there is a need for tuning.

But i am not able to get why QAnalyser is not able to establish connection with SAMD21 kit.

I debug my code and found that, my controller is transmitting dummy packet using function "Transmit_Dummy" but i didn't received anything from PC, i can say this because RX_Buffer is empty.

Can you please suggest, how can i debug my code to find the problem.

Apart from this, i have J-Link with me also, is it possible for me to use J-Link to visualize the micro-controller's internal using that.

Please suggest.

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Problem is Solved, when i connected Ground of SAMD21 Kit with my board.

Setup problem was there.