AMG55j19 Triggering ADC from the Timer Counter

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I'm trying to trigger the ADC on ATSAMG55j19B (SAMG55 Xplained Pro) from the Timer Clock TIOA0.

I did the following in ASF4:

Added the ADC driver.

1. Enabled its three channels: 0, 1 and 2.

2. Defined them as 'single-ended'.

3. Checked the 'Trigger Enable' and chose 'TIOA0 Output of the Timer Counter Channel 0'.

4. Set conversion result resolution of 12 bit.

5. Set Driver as 'HAL:Driver:ADC_Async'.

6. Set ADC Clock to: Master Clock (MSC) (24MHz).

7. Checked component signals: AD/0, AD/1 and AD/2.

Added the Timer driver.

1. Set Driver as 'HAL:Driver:Timer' with an Instance 'TC0'.

2. Set TC Clock to: Master Clock (MSC) (24MHz).

3. Enabled 'Divided Clock' of 'TIMER_CLOCK2 (MSK/8)' and set the length of one timer tick to 10uS.

4. Checked the 'Event Output Enable' and set the Length of one timer RA Tick' to 10uS.

5. Checked the component signal: TIO/A0.


I do get the Timer interrupts, but no ADC triggering. The modified setup without setup no. 3 of ACD and no. 4 on Timer (without Event triggering) in a pure asynchronous mode with Timer and ADC callbacks worked just fine...


Any help or idea would be greatly appreciated!



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