Alternate gcc build scripts

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I recently needed to rebuild the gnu avr toolchain, and during the process updated the build scripts attached to the sticky thread in this forum. My main goals were to make is easier to build new versions as they are released and to download and apply most patches automatically. So if patches are added you can just re-run the scripts to update everything.

These scripts build gcc, binutils, avr-libc, avrdude

Steps to run these scripts:

- if you are on an apt based Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.), run to install tools needed for building avr tools
- edit if needed
- change to a directory where you want to download and build (usually a temp directory)
- run
- run
- optionally run to reclaim space

If you are not root when you run, you will be prompted to enter your password for the installation (assumes you are setup as a sudoer).

Edit: Update defaults to gcc 4.3.2 and friends