ADP Setup Error

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Goal: setup a terminal through ADP in the DGI

Context: SAM E54 Xplained Pro with ASF4's ADP driver



I've been unable to get Atmel's ADP driver code, specifically ADP_example() to work with my board. I've tried going through their code and inserting different print statements. I found that the MCU was succesfully requesting a handshake, and the PC was sending the response back, but the MCU somehow never got that response. So it was sitting on the function - adp_wait_for_handshake() in a loop, because adp_protocol_add_byte() was always returning false within adp_check_for_response().


I've made sure to use the correct pins that correspond to the DGI SPI pins, and I've setup the Data Visualizer to the best of my knowledge. The DGI Control Panel's SPI bus is doubly connected to the ADP Control Panel. The ADP Control Panel goes to one of my terminals, which is how I came to believe the PC was sending a response back. I believe that the Autodetect Protocols option should be set, but changing this has no effect on the program.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.