Adding more mutual cap sliders at Application Note AT08774

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Hi, I'm working on a new project for my company and I'm using Application Note AT08774 as reference, because that's exactly what I need in a first moment. I need that AtSamD20 reads touch as a i2c Slave and sends to the master which will be Atmega328. The thing is, That application note works with SamD20 Xplained Pro kit, with QT1 Explained Self and Mutual Capacitance boards. I only have the mutual board (because my final application will only use mutual capacitance). So, working around the code, first I tested my kit connected to an Arduino as I2C master reading the slider, and it worked well. Now I need to remove from the code all code related to self capacitance and add 2 more mutual sliders. 

At memorymap.h and touch.h I can change Macros definitions that I can put the pins, and the numbers of sensors, etc. What I want to know is: This kind os code implements an i2c internal register mapping, mapped from 0 to 145 which covers 2 buttons (self cap) and 1 slider (mutual) addressing, and I couldn't find in the code what addresses my registers will be.. so can anyone help with this ?

Thanks a lot

Renan Margon

Computer Engineer