Adding flash to AT32UC3A3

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I'd like to add a flash memory to an AT32UC3A3. This is the first time I design in an external flash, and I hope you could give me some recomendations.

There are three applications for the flash:
1 - Hold 8 coefficient sets, each 1500 bytes large
2 - Boot a Xinilx FPGA, 2-4Mbit image
3 - File image for USB mass storage device holding driver install files.

The first application is the most important one. I will need to update each coefficient set independantly. That means at least 8 pages and page size rounded up to 2kbytes. The two other applications will need a large board redesign, and are not critical now. However, if it is easy to accomodate them I'll design in the larger flash.

In application 1 and 2, the MCU will fetch data from the flash and send it to the FPGA over SPI with DMA. Low board complexity is more important than raw speed.