Adding APIs to Studio 7

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I am finding increasingly that the third party ICs I am using have an API through which they expect to be addressed: for example NFC and Bluetooth.

I see APIs in some of the Atmel examples:  the BLE examples have the API as a third party entry in the drivers section of the ASF.  However the BTLC1000 module is an Atmel product.

Where the IC is not Atmel how does one add an API; where do you put the actual files; how do you link them in?   Most importantly how do you know whether the third party API is compatible?

One API I would like to work with is NXP 7150 which is an nfc chip.  

I suspect the answer lies in the directories manager (?) of the toolchain.  Does every file path need separately including?  The NFC chip above has dozens of files!  Is it possible to do it wholesale?